America And Enter-tain-ment

Entertainment as enter-tain-ment= enters you, it  taints you and then you need your own mint to afford it.

Who in America gets paid the most of all = entertainers = liars and thieves?

All great cultures have succeeded to the point of complacency, and this felling of greatness brings on massive entertainment.

Whether it be the Romans with there Lions, (they thought that lions eating Christians was entertaining), eating Christians, or the public baths to Music, dance and even war.

To America with its Games, TV, Music, Movie Theaters, even church = (we are eating Christians again with entertainment and now the devils arena is the church.).

This is the course to follow at all times,  seeking  a way to drug  yourself with  entertainment, drugs of complicated escapism beyond any Truth Responsibility, and Logic, which equals bad judgments in all aspects of life, laziness of mind, which equals a bunch of stupid, uneducated, "liars",  (except they could tell you all about there favorite player or entertainer, = educated in lies and stupidity). Yes entertainment is lies, made up things altered realities patterning mankind into stupidity as this drug itself is of NON-Truth. You illusions are usually not well thought out and patterned upon  itself as is the beast that controls us all as the devil, never fully thinking things out, that's one reason why She HE Satan -is now-She Him the Devil ,  as was She HE, wants you to not be yourself but a patterned heard monster as She He-Him is.

The entertainment drug just as bad if not worse than Alcohol, Pot, Coke est.. This drug makes you stupid, makes you follow illogical means of wanting to be a lying something and someone else, never satisfied.

Until one day soon, if you do not change your evil ways, The United States of America like all Great Cultures, Babylon, Rome, Egypt, Germany est. will entertain yourself into not fully paying attention and you fall. And this fall will be from within, just as Your Founding Fathers envisioned. Internal factions from within destroy what once was great, simply from, you all, not paying attention.

Your favorite entertainer you know of and care more about than you do your own country, people, family and love of Jesus as the Right Hand of God.  Some ask what is Don Doing,  why does he pass us by, well my Children it is 2006 and now my time as the we will be fully integrated, within and on 6/6/6, I was trying to get to this point and lose some of my above love for  human kinds patterned and acquired bad habits. Done playing around now, so to recreation.

You will pay through the nose for even bad entertainment, here is how important entertainment is to you

Once upon a time an old guy that lived in the woods came to town to beg for needed items, food coffee, basic needs maybe a little want. Sitting out of the cold and rain he would beg, sometimes two to three times a week. Staying just long enough to meet his basic needs and hopefully some little wants.

Then the new guy with a guitar started showing up and this guy did not know ditty about the guitar and/or entertainment with music. And this guitar guy would get out of the weather himself and start playing his guitar and mumbling some song not legible, and all of the passers buy would at least acknowledge this guitar bum, and most would stop and listen = not hearing, as it was not even worth listening to, but they would at lease wish him luck if not give him whatever, and this whatever allot of the time included drugs and housing, way beyond what the now starving old guy needed or wanted. But the guy had a weapon and all that passed recognized that weapon and knew, by it being drilled into their head that this entertainer was of a greater breed and could be held with esteem. They could even see the tracks on his arm, nor smell the vodka on his breath. Didn't matter he was entertaining them, they didn't even care that he was worthless, and a drug addict, drunk, a liar and thief, with a weapon.



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