Working for Father God

Always worked for Father Creator since the beginning of time. Just hanging out watching our children play; till my day then playtime ends, to my new way.

Just Moved from ASP. Everything

Whooo what a relief. Ruby Jekyll and Gihub Pages is the kind, figured this out in a few days with the help of Minimal Mistakes, and lots of documentation on Ruby, Jekyll with Github Pages.

Ruby, Jeckyll, Gihub pages, and even liquid are super simple; Or “Super Logical, if you think like a human”. I’ve been hitting my head for not using Ruby and the kind much sooner.

Go Sooners!


Links to CloudFlare this Github repo, Staticman Comments, MMistakes Framework Designer Michael Rose.

Showing Off My Version of Minimal Mistakes Ruby, Jekyll at Github

Just Learning Ruby, Jekyll, Gihub Pages with liquid, see any mistakes please feel free to go to one of the post pages and comment on site issues.

Notifications & Tips for Michael Rose – Just another boring, tattooed, time traveling, designer of Minimal Mistakes.

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Cool and Free

Cool and Free

Hosted on Gihub Pages, Driven by CloudFlare, SSL and No Bots by CloudFlare.

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Staticman Comments

Comments push

Staticman Comments cause a regeneration of a static site. Good for Remote Work.

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Michael Rose


Free to use but under a MIT License. Clone it, fork it, customize it, whatever!

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Everything from the menus, sidebars, comments, config in YAML Front Matter.

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fully responsive

Responsive Layouts

Built on HTML5 + CSS3. All layouts are fully responsive with helpers to augment your content.

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Cool 100% free

Cool 100% Free

Free to use however you want under the MIT License. Clone it, fork it, customize it, whatever!

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