Ownership with full responsibility = none of you

No one owns Anything, "God owns it all"!

It can be of Mankind's, "to use", if he takes it from nature in it's natural forms then forges, fires, and/or molds it into something within his own conception.

If you think you own something, then you must have taken it from all of Man. As Well As God. If you think you have any more right to anything than the rest of us do, then you shall surely have your reward. But not in Gods or My Eyes “will you be of truth"!

In the first place, ownership of an object requires full responsibility to all things interrelated to this object, “including the object”.

Full Responsibility no human knows!

Thus you all lack any responsibility of truth in conception, consideration or action only seeming truth ideas and realism are your truths in consideration and/or action thereof, or your “(lust (“usually in acquisition of objects’), not in what you would consider for ownership, then the lust is gone, but you still own it but don't really need it.

Mankind spends the greater part of his time either in consideration and/or action of acquisition of objects, needed or not. Over 90% of all of your time is spent in this stupidity of trying to tie down that you and (ALL) already have.

Constant consideration and action lusting for the things of Man mean that You do not have time for the conceptions, considerations and actions of inner self for and of Father God, thus your sleeking (LUST) are not of truths. Only equaling lies upon mankind =lust, want, manipulations, selfishness’, lies, hate est..

Mans time should be spent in the worship of God and all that is within him, for all has his purpose, which is always of truth. Thus truth will be found within the realm of man by in melting all things within consideration and action into the collective ness within your spirit to pure and true conception. True Conception is of Spirit. Spirit is a continuum of all individual body spirits; that have dominion over all objects with object orientation or God. Law Following. No More Ownership. The key of foundational truth's within possession (the ability to use and/or have dominion over), are along simple lines.

First key to the rules below, is full responsibility of the object and its foundational and seeming relationships.

Rule1 Greater Need, who needs this the most, "not to be confused with want", and done within a three family unit, other members of the family unit are not considered as Father Mother and Child are of truth, and are and shall be of responsibility. And chosen at random, or of by customs chosen by my children.

Rule 2 First Come First Serve, whom finds this thing first and no one needs it more, i.e. ( #1. Greater Need) then his rights are of personal possession, overridden by the proving of the above through the custom's of my children. Design by purity within self, (original to man), conception, and then taking the considerations and/or actions to bring your conception to reality.

Rule 3 Whom ever finds something he has the right to possess it except, if you lose it, and some one else finds it; then (#2) First Come First Serve, or (#1) greater need, as stated above applies. Greater Need will always be (#1) and prevail within the customs of my children. Truth in Sins on the Thirteenth Commandment:

Thy one's with extreme excess, and still holding on to it past 11/15/2020, are the deniers of self, thy Father and all,and should be considered for separation.