Human Words Mean Nothing People Mean

People made words; words did not make people, so correcting what other's may say is not paying attention to what there meaning of their words according to them my be, this is just realistic generialized version of what your formalized, or un-educated meaning is.

Words are non specific

Put one person of average education from every language and dialect from such, and what do you get = babble, overall whatever is said, sounds just like babble, hardly any of them will be able to comprehend what other are saying, so = babble.

Ecc 12:12

And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

We write this knowing you will derive anything you want from what my words say, or the words I write for Father. You really don't want to know what WE, or anyone is really talking about, = "lacking in what real humanity should be, = no responsibility", and your languages are another direct proof.

Our minds work on pictures, words are supposed to describe these pictures, we will call them "(archetypes)". And you form no clear archetypes, especially foundational ones, that should be clear for all of mankind. All of mankind listens to the words not the meaning, same as you twist our Fathers words. The Bible and other text are clear to me in the meaning. But this cannot be derived by you, mainly because you listen to the words and take them for what they are. There ways are through analogies and scenarios to describe the ways of man as they see you. But they are so beyond mans thinking it seems to me unreal or unimaginable to be able to take this knowledge of the We, and tell mankind about it. This is why you also have been given the ability to only think of the Devil as "flesh", and Ra as, Knowledge". And Sometimes think with them.

Many problems with all languages exist, but the main problem is, there are no true foundational archetypes, (mother, god, house, love, et) in which to derive others, that are not so foundational. C.G. Jung touched upon this, but he lacked truth in knowledge to be on point, This was in part do to the Idiot Freud, his babbling idiot teacher. If any true archetypes are formed in some individuals, it is but by chance and it is doing no one any good as no one else can see them the same.

The Black culture among many, takes this to heart, as more spiritual connection exists in them as they are the true and first reflection of thy father, and butcher this babble with there own, not knowing exactly why, simply a grapple with untruth. They are deriving no more truth from this metaphorical babble than the philologist and philosopher in there study of higher words; "the educated man's focus on words is true nonsense, in any pursuit"! These analogies and scenarios are unclear, as they form no clear archetypes. The Blacks Spiritual-ness, and/or there abilities to be more in touch with there innate spiritual being,has told them not to participate in this stupidity. Only their evil, (there sentient) keeps them in this social babble game. Go for it brothers, butcher this and all language, hopefully the truths of you recreating this babble, into further nonsensical babble, will show some truths to all of man.

Fill yourself up with words and formalized education and it sets your form of reference to somewhere else not within, Like Obama after the Oil Party did not have a clue no external form of reference he course find thus lost on any output of what to do He was at a loss. No internal focus to rely upon ehich is directly built on the innate, Study beyond and that's where your at.