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Donald Boulton, hosted on GitHub. Github Build

Bibwoe - Basic Instructions. Github Build

Basic Instructions Books While On Earth. Github Build


Jekyll Admin

less than 1 minute read

Jekyll admin makes it so easy for me to add new pages, posts or any type of content, including file management, adding images to .md pages and Changing Confi...

Windows Tweaks

16 minute read

This Tweaks page has evolved from Windows XP to Now upgrading this to Windows 10.

Mobile Colorbox

2 minute read

I use colorbox in my ASP.Core2 apps. Alot of developers still do in their applications

SQL Fragmentation

1 minute read

Check SQL Server a specified database index fragmentation percentage (SQL)

Letter Avatar

3 minute read

Many of us got really tired of the Gravatar Service being down or slow and having multiple server calls to download the Gravatar. Alot of people do not even ...