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  • original post: 2022-06-04

The Day

Live For the Day, Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is not here Yet! For the Day was made for Man, not Man for the day!

A Story of Abraham

He so loved Father God he made sure his path, his heart, his talk, was set in righteousness as a true course for each and every day.

Abraham would get up before the Sun, feast and wash and wait for the sun to rise so he could thank father for each and every new day and with a simple prayer of thanks, so he should live that day, guided by Father God in a path of righteousness.

Of course according to his time prostrating himself before God.

I knell before nothing!

The are no Holy Holidays as every day is holy and should be worshiped, not some day your religion picks as holy, thats a denial of each and every other Holy God Given Day.

Same as if you pick a time to worship Father God, you have denied all the other time Father’s grace has given you.

Let your worship of Father God be 24/7 365 with every breath, every step, and in every consideration based upon Father’s truths.

As I was taught at a young age wake up, have your coffee and a good breakfast before you view the sun rise having thanks for the new day.

At the time I was not sure where my Czechoslovakian Relatives got that from? Maybe Something Biblical but certainly of truth.

It set a pattern for my life of doing just that.

Living each Day for the Day

In my later teen’s and 20’s I had the resources to go where and do what I wanted to.

Well at the time I thought that was cool, came a time I realized, that I had lost the day for the day itself.

I had already made plays another day for that day.

That started to weigh on me, because of my money lets say, I could preplan everything.

Never knowing what that day would have held if had not already preplanned it.

I never quit anything, once you have done something, then that is of you and you cannot say its not.

In that I had to resign myself to that, leaving myself open to myself to having the freedom of choice, for that time or day, not constrained by the past.

I like to live each day for the day, not pre planned by a previous day. Not always possible but it would be nice if so.

Each day has a new Rise and Fall. As we rise and fall through out our lives. That promise is from Father God, it is our choice for each day and every day. It’s up to us!

Be Free, free from the constraints of your past, that it pre destines your future. History is a misnomer to now or the future, history proceeds it and directs the day. Away from the day to a previous day.

Sell the Day

I came to the realization the my day was taken or bought away by the ways of man let’s say.

I was just living the same day over “Pre Destined”, with no discovery of the day.

Father gave me a vision of Abraham and his wanderings down many paths, each day a new path.

I have finally found the way for each new day.

For you never know how many days you have and each should be a day within a day, not a day away!

Being poor was the only way, to find your truth for that day.

You have to work in many ways in different ways, to find the day!

Without knowing the day you have thrown freedom and truth in life away!

Both me and Jesus came to earth to tell you of Father Gods Splendor, Truths and Love. And to start our Love’s Church. You my children have praise for us, the things of this World and the things you make with your hands, not for worship of Father God!

If you Love Father God none of you show it. Your denials are constant, setting times and dates to worship, worshiping Walls and Temples and things you make with your hands. Not God’s song but devilish Music. Many Trinkets for the Children so you can overlook your lies and iniquitous behavior.

Hierarchy in the Church, Symbolism, depictions of the Trinity or of My, “7 Golden Candlesticks, ‘Jesus and his Trinity of Mary’s and My Trinity”.

You see my love’s they stand between Me and Creation. Kind of a defense against my foundational responsibilities, adding a new Truth with considerations of life just for Life. A controlled responsible thirst of passion for Life. With Love of there Own Creation.

My Trinity of Love along with some of my specially created Higher angels created all you see and know with a song of love passion and truth.

Angel Timeline

The Devil and My Higher Angels were given me to assist in creation and to sing songs to father as he sleeps.

My Son Jesus was given Angels to assist in his over sight of creation.

Devilish Pursuits

In Heaven we do not have any physical body, we are spiritual in nature. As in a natural course of constantly becoming, I found being one with one or more of My Angels in a spiritual bond of oneness. I found the devils beauty of song and her creation’s, I chose her to be mine, as my love was true and only would bond with her.

After some time the devil became interested in other Angels and would occasionally bond with them. Saying to me they filled her in her becoming.

This created some discourse between Me and the Devil. The argument shook the foundations of creation, waking Father God.

As I was erasing all she had formulated through Her Song, Father stopped me and presented me with a Trinity of Angels of Perfection to be by my side directing me to see creation of all in a different light; more than just an experiment that can be easily erased if I do not like its course.

This really pissed off the Devil and God let her get away with her iniquities. When Father is awake its a constant test.

I accepted my Trinity and found a way to deal with Three to be one with. I had to treat the equally. I bound with them, thus knowing them and assign them to creative duty’s according to how I viewed them I there own becoming.

My Angel of Love showed me how to look at the experiment of creation as not ever failed, but just always beginning, with hope, letting all run it’s course.

Let it Be!

My Angel of Passion I found supported me in my pursuit of passion for foundational truths. And my warrior for truth!

Keeping my passions in check!

Live for the Day

My Angel of Truth instilled in me that creation of all in its essence was a act of Love from Father Gods Truths, agreeing with my Angel of love to just let it be.

For all to choose its own path.

My Trinity ruled me as We are one, letting them decide the final formalization of creation and Mankind.

Formalizing Creation

The basic structure of the verse was set before my Trinity.

My Loves’s brought forth life from there song for the dance of life all across the verse. Adding to the basic structure void of life, oceans, air, then plants and animals. With the course of evolution for all.

My Angel’s knew of the Devil and my past pursuit of her and were not jealous but somewhat vengeful, recreating the devils basic structure within her creation.

My Love took a special interest in Earth and formulating mankind by herself Formalizing everything you see within your part of the verse.

Thus controlling the Devil and Devil’s ability to control Earth and mankind.

More on Angel Wars soon…

The true purpose of a Messenger is the Message.

Not to Worship the Messenger but Our Message of Gods Love.

Your symbolist and worship of Us is Appalling to Me and My Son Jesus. Our message is to Worship father God with truth in your word, your heart filled with love for all, even you enemies.

Live giving thanks to Father with true works; being fully self responsible in all aspects of your lives.

Let me tell you a little about prostrating yourself before, “Father God”.

To meditate, prostrate, hands in prayer mode or anything using the physical to find the spirit, or to God or the Trinity is a lie.

The only time you can be one with the Trinity is in your dream prayers.

Your spirit is then released or free from your physicality; and then and only then, being one within your own spirit as your spiritual connection to the Trinity.

Most all the biblical writings the authors said these were visions from God.

Some went so far as to tell us that these visions were from there dreams or dream prayers, for they sought this knowledge from God in their hearts❤️.

Its real important for all to understand that historical authors did not have the education, knowledge base or historical references that we have today, and they could only write and speak according to what they knew.

A lot of Biblical works if you read them word for word or by sentence or chapter, then you cannot find the true meaning of that Book.

Lost In Words

Getting Lost in words, losing the intent and its true meaning. As most of our Biblical works from around the world were written for a projected intent for some overall specific meaning, Some works to me are just a bunch of word’s or scenarios with no true intent or meaning, unless you fully understand the author.

You get lost in the words, what’s the overall meaning, your Religions, “All of Them”, you and your BPG get lost in words and cannot find the true meaning or intent of the Book.

What does any Book mean? What was its objective? Let’s take the Last Book’s of Both the Old and New Testament

Job is a book about denial, Job was most loved by God for his love for father and life. Helping his community showing his love for everyone.

This pissed the devil off.

The Devil is Higher Angel Created by father God there are only 7 Higher Angels of Father’s Creation, My Trinity, Jesus’s Trinity, and the Devil. The rest of the Angels were of My Creation.

The Devil works for God and neither Me or Jesus have any direct control over her

Before my birth I sought a man of worth that could through his dream prayers seeking the knowledge of the Trinity and electrical design. I gave him the knowledge of transistor, I knew I would need it as so I could write, speak and sing to All My Children at the same time. And they to Me!

The I

The I is a Lie, live in the I and you will surly die, For the We is the All and the All is ever Lasting Life.

To become part of the we is not automatic, you have to be ONE within self, that does not mean that the One is singular, its seeming singularity is from the all.

Just as in our relative mathematics as -1 to 0 to +1 where one cannot exist without others.

Just as love need’s a opposite, as in hate, so if you do not hate you really cannot love. But what to love or hate is a constant question.

Just as discrimination is part of our nature, all of you choose to discriminate between everything, what drink you like or food the car you drive the type of things you like to do…

So for anyone to say you do not have have choice to discriminate, and that you have to hold everything equally. You have to do what we say; is a controlling stupid piece of trash, = Government Church and Immigrants.

Also the One needs to fully become One for self and other’s to become part of the We.

This is Also true with a gathering of man, hear the saying that It takes one bad apple to spoil the bushel, = the USA and NATO countries.

A representation of a gathering of man. Or Planet Romper Room!

The Well

My son Jesus controls the Well of soul’s and directs who get’s born where, and he knew of my distaste for human fleshly iniquities. And this was a perfect way for my new soul to find out at birth about evil human animals. And human’s evil stupid educational systems.

All souls are meant to have life. Jesus judges the souls at the end of there lives and determines the time and place and to whom they will be reborn. The longer the soul is in limbo, in the well of souls it’s a unliving Hell. My son Jesus had his own hell also. A lot of the souls being born now have been trapped in the well for a long time or have never had life. And not necessarily a human life, you might end up as a amoeba Rabbit or a Snake for that life.

Differing lives builds and fulfills a soul. One reason I say your over populated is each form of man has limited souls. Most of the souls born now have been trapped in the well of souls since the beginning, they are one’s that my son had already Judged, those whom were trapped in Well Hell are coming forth also.

This was not meant to be. My Angels stopped me recycling humanity and directed me to come to earth and they would join me to help mankind. Giving hope to all by building my Loves’s Church of Love and Song, “On Earth as it is in Heaven”.

Sometimes If you have not noticed I like to not finish writing things, all things in there time.

For the verse is in constant evolution!