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The Last Testament of the Holy Bible.

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Immorality Abortion - Featured image

Immorality Abortion

4/12/22 Victory for the children and God’s truths in Creation, Oklahoma outlawed murder as in Abortion. Prelude My writings are written for my Children born since 2000. Only there purity can cleanse the Earth from the immorality of there forefathers…

The Law Commandments - Featured image

The Law Commandments

The Law Something the USA and World has forgotten about! The Catholic Church doesn’t see the Ten Commandments as arbitrary rules and regulations from God but as commandments for protection. That you need now as Judgement is soon. Catholic Nonsense…

Sing A Song - Featured image

Sing A Song

My Song I had a such voice when I was young that “Robert Platt”, voice teacher to, some pop stars, gave me free lessons and came and found me if I did not show up. All I wanted to do was sing, and Motocross. Until I find a way to make a YouTube video…

Trinity of Angels - Featured image

Trinity of Angels

Trinity of Angelic Dream Girls! In the below I basically divulge a lot of my iniquitous life, of which most people would not. But after Writing Creation Of All, I will get a lot of scrutiny, so might as well get this over with and spill the beans on…

Works Of Flesh - Featured image

Works Of Flesh

Intro A lot of this is written; like all my works here on Earth; for my Trinity of Love and directed at them. Works Old Testament Since the beginning of Mankind Father God has watched over his love as man, and spoke to all in there dream sleep, “REM…

Who Are the Jews - Featured image

Who Are the Jews

Who are the Jewish People? Jewish History Some of You that agree with my Creation of All, I am going to lose here for a short time, until you see I am right. It’s Ok kids, breaking from traditions is hard. The Jewish people really do not know there…

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