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Many Churches

In the 1990’s I traveled all over the USA going to Hundreds of different Churches investigating what was true or not about there worship of Father God.

Just now reinvestigating the Church Life.

OKC with some help from you a new church every week. Need to see what all my children are doing. Not just at one venue.

  1. 🔗 New Life Church UPC Edmond

New Life
New Life


Pastor Robert Whalen gave a brilliant Sermon on, “Why”❓

Why does Father God let Evil into our world and not protect us from it. He made references to the Book Of Enoch on how Enoch Was one of Father God’s favorite, blessed with truth and happiness.

Enoch was tortured by Devil and Ok’ed by Father, having everything in his life taken from him.

Enoch never directly denied God.

One thing Pastor Whalen did not mention was Enoch’s denial of self, “or I may have missed it”, Which is a denial of Father God.

Love Ya ALL

Never deny yourself My Loves, just learn and grow to become and know.

I will definitely frequent New Life Church UPC of Edmond OK.

I was happy and filled with joy for the first time in sometimes.

Thank’s to ALL Of You! Blessings. 🙏